Examples of screen displays

from the Piston Ring Sort & Mark system.

Below the LCD display screen are five associated keys and a sixth set-up key. The keys are physically labelled with their normal function.
When the [SET] button is pressed, the SET POSITION screen is shown. The operator is prompted to press the appropriate keys to match the orientation of the "set-up" ring and thus teach the system the difference between RIGHT & WRONG. The other keys, labelled [ADJ] can be used to trim the taught parameters for the two probes whilst the machine is running.
When the system is running both bars to the right indicate a CORRECT ring. A WRONG ring will show both bars to the left.
When the separate [SET-UP] button is pressed, then a hierarchical menu tree is entered. The keys below the screen are then used to navigate the menus and to adjust machine parameters, or to initiate system diagnostics. When within the menu tree the screen shows new labels for the [KEYS].